No reviews thus far but below are three endorsements by readers who read Backfill prior to publishing!

From Jo Ella White, Author of Jim’s Courthouse, Jincey’s Rock, The Golden Pawn, and Ko-Wee Mountain. – “This author takes you deeply into a subject few know anything about. I have always had a great appreciation for family history and our ancestors, but even more so after reading Backfill. It is a book hard to put down once you start reading.”

From Winnie Williams, Author of “The Green Earth Challenge: Integrating Faith and the Environment.” – “There is an astonishing amount of environmental information in Backfill by Cynthia Soule Levesque plus a thrilling mystery that mesmerizes the reader. The author has woven a gripping mystery into a book of fiction and yet has provided a startling amount of evidence pointing the way to the environmental impact related to the coal industry. This marvelous book is entertaining as well as a challenge to unearth industries that contribute significantly to global warming. Please read this book.”

From Betty Orth – Editorial Assistant, Author of Children’s Books, Poems – “Short chapters set each vivid scene; characters are masterfully crafted. Science, industry, medicine, ancestry, spirituality – all interwoven, creating parallel story lines. One is drawn in and captivated by the intrigue and suspense…. right to the very end of the book. Then you wish there was more! “