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From Barnes & Nobel 02-05-2018 – 5 Stars
I enjoyed Backfill. I thought Ms. Levesque did an amazing job of keeping all the story lines going, but in small enough pieces that it was easy to pick up between flights. And I think the technical threads were easy enough to follow and really added to the story. I thought it was great read.

“Much more than a superb conspiracy thriller, Backfill is an absolute must-read for any environmentally conscious reader.”
Environmental manager Mary Ann Hodges takes on a job to build a near-zero emission coal power plant and mine at a power generating and mining company in the Utah desert. She discovers a conspiracy to hide the truth about an illegal gold mining operation in partnership with an oil and shale fracking company which is threatening the region environmentally. READ MORE

Mary Ann goes on a desperate hunt for answers, drawing on spiritual strength for courage to overcome the nightmarish challenges of her boss that include kidnapping and attempted murder. Meanwhile, a Chinese alternative medicine physician is searching for a cure for cancer and teams with a physical anthropologist to discover the medical curative used by a hidden ancient American Indian civilization that is being impacted by the gold mining operation of Mary Ann’s unethical boss.

Like Backcut, my first novel about a female professional working in an energy-related industry, Backfill provides a thrilling environmental mystery enriched with well-researched technical information about modern power generation, coal mining, fracking, anthropology, alternative medicine and Native American Indian history. and Barnes – 5 Stars – From Mary Russell
Backfill is a well written novel that captivates you from beginning to end. READ MOREThe well-researched characters, professional heroines, corporate criminals, environmental issues, and adventures into the mining world all bring you to want to finish the book in one sitting. It would be a wonderful Christmas gift for that stocking stuffer for all ages.

Posted on Goodreads by Kathy on 12-4-2017.  4 – Stars
The book Backfill is a compelling mystery especially for anyone interested in environmental issues.READ MORE

The novel incorporates issue of the mining industry’s effect on the environment as well as the destruction of Native American artifacts. The plot held my interest right up to the end. The twists and turns that confronted the main character added to the intrigue of the mystery.  A learning experience as well as a good read!
Posted on Amazon by DAK Barnes on 12-5-2017.  4 Stars
Backfill is an intriguing tale, enhanced by the author’s knowledge of environmental issues. The story of the effort to set up an “almost pollution free” coal-fired power plant is enhanced by an Indian mystery and the hunt for a medical cure. The quick-moving story has something for almost anyone.

From Backfill, a Superb Conspiracy Thriller
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The Bottom Line: Much more than a superb conspiracy thriller, Backfill is an absolute must-read for any environmentally conscious reader. READ MORE

Mary Ann Hodges seems to have hit the mother load with her new job at a near-emission power plant in Utah. But the idyllic setting hides something much more sinister. While she’s no gumshoe or private eye, Hodges is smart. It’s thanks to her curious nature that she finds out that the plant is really a front for processes that actually threaten the environment, not help it.  Anyone who keeps up with the news may be familiar with the term “fracking,” but few know exactly what it entails. In Backfill, Cynthia Soule Levesque expertly uses the mining industry as the framework for a mystery that weaves corporate greed along with a decidedly more down-to-earth dive into ancestry and how it connects to everything that happens in the present. The results are mostly spectacular. During Hodges’ travails, Levesque incorporates a spiritual aspect that may seem too out-there at points, but as a counterpoint to the industrial and technological feel of the book, they work to further expand the plot. At times the book can feel like it’s veering into the mystical, especially when a cure for cancer and a long-lost Native American tribe comes into play.Even so, Backfill is a riveting read that’ll expand readers’ understanding of what happens at power plants and the possibility of back-alley conspiracies and executive corruption. As a retired environmental manager, Levesque’s experience shines through in every chapter. No matter what readers may feel about fracking and its impact on the Earth, the book’s exciting pace and unusual set of circumstances set it apart from the political thrillers and spy-centric books flooding the shelves.

From Amazon
5.0 out of 5 stars. It’s intelligent, educational and interesting. well plotted novel that I enjoyed from start to finish
on November 5, 2017
Backfill by Cynthia S. Levesque is a well plotted novel that I enjoyed from start to finish. For anyone who is interested in the environment you are going to love it. Mary Ann, the female lead is environmental manager. With the author’s background the store rings very authentic.READ MORE

The premise of the story is that Mary Ann has taken a new job and starts to be suspicious of some of their activity and rightfully so. Mary Ann was likeable. At times I wanted her to be stronger and then did a self-check that I would have probably reacted the same way if things like that were happening at my job.
Another side story is a doctor is trying to find a treatment for cancer. And one of his colleagues is looking for a Native American Indian culture that has been lost. He thinks the Indian culture may have used a metal that was healing.
There were several characters in the book but it was very easy to keep them all straight. The secondary characters add another dimension to the story. Backfill is not an easy fast read. It’s intelligent, educational and interesting.
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5.0 out of 5 stars. A good story and educational too!   
on November 10, 2017.  I enjoyed this book even more than the author’s first book. She obviously has a detailed knowledge of the mining industry and environmental issues along with knowledge about cultures. Details of all of these things were expertly woven into the story and made it very interesting and fun to read. In addition to enjoying the story, I learned many things.

FROM BARNES AND NOBLE – 5 out of 5 stars!  Educates while entertaining. By Betty on November 13, 2017
Cyndi educates while entertaining the reader with an exciting mystery. This is a good read as you make your way through dangerous mines and discover an ancient and lost civilization. Although the story is fiction, the places and lost tribe are disguised but real. Prayers and faith strengthen characters as they face terror and despair.

Amazon – 4-star; no customer name
Enjoy the history of the past mixed with the future of medicine. I have read both of Mrs. Levesque books. First was a little dry to me. But a nice late night read.. Backfill keeps you going from page to page.

Goodreads – 5-star; Alaina M
This is another good book about God’s love and strength, Sprinkle in greed, mystery, and a little of everything else. Definitely a page turner.