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 ♦ Review posted by S. Lim on Amazon (5 stars) 10/18/2017 – This book beautifully weaves together themes of medical research, environmental activism, corporate greed, and romance. With a fast pace that keeps readers at the edge of their seats, the book also features an underlying narrative of the Christian faith as a compass and anchor in the face of dire ethical challenges.

 ♦ Review posted by E.D.B. on Amazon (5 stars) on 9/1/2017  – As a Geology major in college, I was hunting for a book that wasn’t a textbook, but could still peak my earth science interests and also hold an enticing story-line. Too much to ask for? Luckily, I intern with geologists and was recommended this book. This met my expectations and more. It was an exciting, inspirational, and intelligent read. Knowing that the author used to work in the Environmental industry, I found myself changing the fictional characters experiences into real life possibilities. This is a fantastic read.

 ♦ Review posted by Amazon Customer (5 stars) 6/16/2016 This is a very well written and suspenseful book with unique characters and story line. The author does an excellent job of making everything seem so real and alive through her detailed descriptions of the characters, their places of work, the forest and the terrible greed that engulfed the CEO of the logging company. It gives great insight into the logging business and the effects it can have on the environment. It also has a touch of romance and shows how their Christian faith helped the characters deal with very challenging and sorrowful events in their lives… A MUST READ!!

Review posted on Barnes and Noble and (5 stars) by Enrique V 05/01/2015  – I couldn’t put Cynthia Levesque’s book down. It was a fast-paced read on three levels. First, it’s a love story about a recent college graduate named Lisa lands who lands her dream job at a premier logging company in the Pacific Northwest. Second, she soon finds herself embroiled in a strange mystery involving an endangered frog that’s also the study of medical researchers trying to cure a deadly children’s disease…. The mystery finally comes to an end in an unexpected turn of events and, you can breathe again…. Thanks, Cynthia for using your knowledge of the forestry industry to entertain and educate.

 ♦ Review posted on Barnes and Noble (5 stars) by Anonymous 04/28/2015 —I was truly impressed and genuinely surprised. Backcut grabbed my attention from page one and never let it go. I finished the book in one day because I could not put it down. Fantastic read and I look forward to more from the author!

Review posted on Amazon, Library Thing, Facebook, Reading Room and Goodreads (5 stars) by Sandra Padgett 04/13/2015  This story grabs and keeps your attention from start to finish. The story line is well thought out and flows along smoothly and dialogue is easy to follow. There is a lot of suspense and action and twists and turns that were totally unexpected. I like the fact that Christian characters were seeking God’s guidance through various situations and trusting in His strength to overcome their own fears.….I highly recommend this story and will be following this author in the future. OUTSTANDING!

Review posted on Goodreads (4 stars) by Lauren 03/31/2015 – Enjoyed the book far more than I expected, even though I knew I would like it. The characters were fun and interesting; they are not two dimensional which was wonderful…This was a very quick read and didn’t drop the ball. While the chapters seemed to blend into each other, as some were shorter than others and making the read smooth, it wasn’t difficult to stop at any point and pick up where I left off when I had to. Definitely would recommend this to many people. I did win this in a giveaway that was for enjoyment and I provided an honest review.

Review posted on Barnes and Noble (5 stars) by Anonymous 03/22/2015 – …. Easy and fast paced. The author mixed some really neat logging and environmental industry information with suspenseful action.

Review posted on Amazon (5 stars) by David Cooksey 02/08/2015  Great book. Felt like older Grisham with an environmental twist

Review posted on Amazon for Kindle edition (5 stars) by David 01/2/2015  – This was a great read. The story moves quickly and easily and keeps your interest along the way. If you’re not into religion, don’t let the religious aspect of it keep you away as it is not preachy.

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