Backfill Update

Receiving my very first copies of Backfill

My book, Backfill is now available on my website as well as Amazon, Barnes and Noble,, and Smashwords in various e-formats.  I’ve been working diligently to get the word out and now have a book-signing at my local Barnes and Noble in late October.  My friend Leonard has worked very hard on the website and I like it.  For example, you can just click on icons on the right-hand side to go to each of the websites to order the book.  So far I have sold 10 books and I know of one copy sold on Amazon. It is hard getting the word out!

I will be writing more non-fiction blogs as they pertain to issues in my book, such as fracking and carbon capture recently published.  You will receive updates about these in the future. If you haven’t already, Like my new Book page on Facebook  – click HERE.  And I have Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest pages for Backfill as well.  The Twitter and FB feeds are on the Home page of the website.

Thanks so much for your interest and drop me a line to comment on the new website or anything else!


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