Environmental Awareness: A balanced approach

Slide scale box 2Welcome to my web site and blog! I am a retired environmental manager, author of an environmental mystery called Backcut, and a Christian who wants to help educate people about the environmental issues of today, presenting both “sides” of a current topic. I believe we have a responsibility to be stewards of God’s creation. My blog, called "Clapping Trees" has the theme environmental awareness - a balanced approach.


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Have a green Thanksgiving!

How do you have a green Thanksgiving? No, its not about dyeing your turkey green or serving green jello. It’s about how you can make a difference this Thanksgiving in your corner of the world. I got this idea from an article “Ideas for a Greener Thanksgiving.” ♦  Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. Remember these three words when […]Read More >>

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candid-frog_w725_h544 (2)I think you will enjoy reading my fiction book, Backcut because if you are reading this blog you enjoy the topics in the book!  A starry-eyed college graduate and environmental activist named Lisa lands her dream job at a premier logging company in the Pacific Northwest.  She’s passionate about her faith, her family, and the natural world God created. But soon she becomes embroiled in a strange mystery involving a rare frog that is also the study of medical researchers trying to cure a deadly children’s disease. “Truly a page turner” — “Grabs and keeps your attention from start to finish” — “Fantastic read” — “A lot of suspense and action” —-“Easy and fast paced.”  Best thrillers.com says its highly recommended  –  read all reviews HERE.

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